My beaded earrings

Inspired by “A love letter from my hoops”


If my beaded earrings could talk they would say:
You got me as a gift,
Your mother said “Your grandmother made these, aren’t they pretty?”
You were a presentation of my other side.
Something far away that I somehow felt like I needed to hide from my white friends

You represented my brownness
            The “savage”
                    The “fish eater” Continue reading “My beaded earrings”


Published in “In the Margins: A Guide to Self-Care” 

Voices with accents so familiar.
Creating thoughts that bring back memories.
A craving that is hard to explain.
Clinging onto things that don’t exist anymore.
But this warm feeling is nice.
Love from people once alive, now forever gone.
The cracking in their voice always left me heartbroken. Continue reading “Heimweh.”